A Year After Showing Middle Finger To Doctors, Comedian Kunal Kamra Test Positive For COVID-19

NewsDesk    07-Apr-2021
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Almost a year after showing the middle finger to frontline workers combatting COVID-19, a self-acclaimed comedian Kunal Kamra who is known for his blunt hate for PM Modi on April 6 tested positive of COVID-19. 

Kunal Kamra in his tweet informed that his parents and he tested positive for COVID-19. According to his tweet, his parents are hospitalised and Kunal Kamra is under self-isolation at his home.


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It is pertinent to note here that last year in 2020 on March 22, PM Modi during Janata Curfew had urged the people of the nation to clang utensils and bells in support of frontline workers like doctors, cleanliness workers who are fighting COVID-19.

However, to target BJP, Kunal Kamra had tweeted his photo showing middle finger from his balcony to the frontline workers fighting COVID. 


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