'Govt Must Help Their Journalists', Low Grade Journalist Ravish Kumar Tries To Mock Rohit Sardana's Death

NewsDesk    01-May-2021
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After the unfotunate demise of popular journalist Rohit Sardana on Friday due to COVID-19, condolences have been pouring in from all the ends. However, controversial journalist of a controversial news channel NDTV in the name of paying tribute to Rohit Sardana tried to denounce Rohit Sardana.
Ravish Kumar in a facebook post that was in Hindi while paying tribute to Rohit Sardana wrote that government must provide help to its journalist and provide them a cheque of 5 crore as help.
'Sarkar Apne Patrakaro Ki Maddad Karne Se Peeche Na Haate' was the line Ravish Kumar wrote trying to imply that Rohit Sardana was the journalist working for the Modi government and so government must take care of them and pay them 5 crore as help.

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It is also asthonishing to see that Ravish Kumar even after the death of Rohit Sardana missed no chance to denounce him as the lapdog jornalist working for the government. Ravish Kumar who himself work in NDTV, a channel accused in money laundering and was launched inside PMO during Congress rule often terms several journalists as a part of 'godi-media'.
However, this term 'godi media' was destroyed by late Rohit Sardana himself where he explained about the real 'godi-media'.