Assam: One Mohammed Hasain And Mohammed Kamar Caught With Truck Loaded With 10 Cattle Heads In Kokrajhar

NewsDesk    01-May-2021
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Cases of cattle smuggling continues to remain rampant in Assam, on Friday (April 30) a truck loaded with 10 cattle heads was caught by the Assam police in Kokrajhar.
Two individuals named Mohammed Hasain and Mohammed Kamar who were taking this cattle haeds to some undisclosed location have been arrested by the Assam police. Both of the arrested individuals hail from Uttar Pradesh.
The detained truck which was used to transport these cattle head also has the number of Uttar Pradesh, UP 21 CN5350.
Reportedly this truck was loaded with cattle heads from West Bengal and entered Assam through Boxirhat. However, it is not yet clear where this truck loaded with 10 cattle head was being taken to.