The invisible factor:RSS pracharaks in Assam polls

NewsDesk    01-May-2021
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There is no doubt some invisible hands helped the BJP-led Mitrajot become Assam’s first non-Congress government set to win a consecutive term. But dig a little deeper and the real reason emerges-how the RSS functioned silently yet effectively in ushering in a saffron government. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) had always focused on being sensitive towards people of all religions, regions, castes and linguistic backgrounds. This may be the reason why they are able to initiate successful efforts for unity of Hindu people.
"It is true that various organisations of RSS were doing their level best in the election, either directly or indirectly,"admitted a senior RSS pracharak, who did not wish to be identified. "RSS is continually trying to spread various aspects of Hindutva through their swayamsewaks all over Assam. Being a state with a complex demography, such a role is very important actually."
According to the pracharak, RSS not only believed that Assam and Northeast are an integral part of India but also that each member of every community of the land is the son or daughter of Bharat mata.
"Over the years, the RSS has been raising its voice against the issue of influx in Assam. RSS also created an environment for stressing on the Assamese identity for Assam’s indigenous interests. Besides, every Swayamsewak of RSS launched a movement to unite Hindu minded people against Badruddin Ajmal and in this context, spreading the tag line of “conflict of civilisations.” Such rhetoric intensified consolidation of Hindu voters towards the Mitrajot. Thanks to these efforts, the alliance is likely to make big gains across Hindu-dominated seats and secure a decisive lead in Upper and North Assam," the pracharak stressed.
With the kind of space the RSS occupies in private and public domains, the information that its activists pass around reflects the classified, inhouse discussions within families. "Such information otherwise expected to be kept within the family circles is shared with RSS activists- information that is neither expected to be discussed in public nor verified.Today, we are both lucky and trusted to the extent that the RSS has emerged as the only organisation in India which has access into the private-familial sphere.This is also true for Assam and actually helped a lot in the election," the RSS pracharak agreed.