Israel : The Example of Real Nationalism

NewsDesk    14-May-2021
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We all know that the nationalism of Israel in no way represents the nationalism that pummeled Europe, and to which it developed a post-war loathing. Israel has no designs on other countries and doesn’t measure itself by its successes or failures. Israel’s nationalism is the impetus to provide the full blossoming of the immense potential of the common people.
It is wrong that terrorists have no colour-the defiant terrorist has one colour and it is called Islamic terrorist. In total, over 1,700 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel since the start of the fighting, according to the Israeli military. More than 1000 people have been injured. Israel claims most of the fatalities are either members of terror groups or victims of Hamas rockets that landed inside the Strip. US President Biden also said that Israel has the right to defend itself when thousands of rockets are fired in its territory. It was interpreted as the US approval for the Israeli action against terrorist organisation Hamas.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assured Israelis that the government would do everything to protect its citizens. After green signal from the Prime Minister , Israel’s Defense Minister has approved the mobilisation of 9,000 more reservist troops amid fighting with Hamas and Israel’s military spokesman says forces are massing on the border with the Gaza Strip. The latest mobilisation, approved by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, was an exceptional call-up. The fatalities in Israel include a soldier killed while patrolling the Gaza border and six civilians, including two children and an Indian worker.
Israel and Hamas have fought three wars since the Islamic militant group seized power in Gaza from rival Palestinian forces in 2007. Days after the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine turned into a full-blown confrontation with massive airstrikes and rockets being propelled from both sides, what has emerged as one of the biggest attractions is the Iron Dome system. At the centre of the violent confrontation is the Al-Aqsa mosque considered to be the third holiest site in Islam. Israeli ground forces carried out attacks on the Gaza Strip in an escalation of a conflict with Palestinian militants that had been waged by airstrikes from Israel and rockets from Gaza.It was not immediately clear if the attack was the prelude to a ground invasion against Hamas, the Islamist militant group that controls Gaza.
Israel charged forward with a fierce military offensive in the Gaza Strip, killing as many as 10 senior Hamas military figures and toppling a pair of high-rise towers housing Hamas facilities in a series of airstrikes. Israeli airstrikes toppled most of a massive high-rise building in central Gaza City, in the latest escalation in Israel-Hamas fighting. Earlier in the day, the Israeli military said it has killed several senior Hamas militant commanders in airstrikes in Gaza and Khan Younis. Israeli military said that it carried out a “complex and first-of-its-kind operation.” Power lines to two sewage plants also were severed, and a desalination plant was disabled, cutting off 250,000 people from their water supply, it added. Each side blamed the other and fighting between Israel and Gaza Strip militants is spilling over into communal clashes inside Israel, where decades of pent-up grievances and nationalism have exploded into mob violence between Arabs and Jews.
Defiantly, it is the Government's duty to do everything to protect its citizens and everything is fair in war.