DD International: Launching soon to uphold the Bharat perspective

NewsDesk    20-May-2021
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Western Media is known to peddle negative propaganda against India. In their bid to undermine the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, they regularly publish reports aimed at tarnishing India’s reputation. The Western media often singles India out for negative coverage. The British media and Middle East supported media, especially BBC , Al Jazeera and Left-leaning media houese are active in malinging the image of Bharat.
It is high time to project India’s point of view globally on contemporary issues of both global and domestic significance and to tell the India Story to a global audience.The Prasar Bharati Board granted the approval for the project in March 2021. At a time when the Indian government has been facing severe criticism in the international media, the national public broadcaster Prasar Bharati has floated a tender for a consultant to come up with a plan to launch a channel with an international presence.In view of the strategic objective to build a global presence for Doordarshan and to establish an international voice for India, it is envisaged to establish DD International.
This pandemic has evolved a different world, but a world which is very near to Indian values and culture. But this unique finding has not been reported by the Western media. The truth has many hands but though it is not visible, it cannot be painted by brush nor it could be inscribed by pen.