Popular Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Demands Full Nationwide Lockdown To Eradicate COVID

NewsDesk    04-May-2021
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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after recently losing elections and getting rejected in all the 5 states by the people, now has a piece of advice for the Modi government to save the people from the looming coronavirus pandemic.
Rahul Gandhi today (April 4) on Twitter wrote that the only way to save people's lives from coronavirus pandemic is a complete lockdown in the nation. Rahul also alleged that the inaction of the government of India is killing people in India from coronavirus. 
However, even as Rahul Gandhi is demanding a nationwide lockdown, his own chief minister Capt. Amrinder Singh recently ruled out any possibility of lockdown in Punjab.
Earlier last year, when the lockdown was imposed, Rahul Gandhi had termed it as 'Tuglaqui' lockdown in the nation, but now, due to a sudden change of heart, he wants the government of India to impose lockdown on the whole country.