Birsa Munda: The icon was known for the struggle against British rule

NewsDesk    09-Jun-2021
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Today, 9 June marks the 121st Punya tithi of Aadivasi freedom fighter Birsa Munda. He was an Indian freedom fighter, religious leader and folk hero from the Munda community of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau area. His spirit of activism is remembered as a strong mark of protest against British rule in India. At the time of British colonial rule, a section of tribals was being converted to Christianity. During that period, Birsa introduced a faith named Birsait which believed in one God, and asked the tribals to return to their original religious beliefs. He inculcated the spirit of protecting water, forest, land, animal and people amongst tribal people. He encouraged the tribal people towards patriotism and protection of natural resources to accord the people of Aadivasi community with the mainstream of development. encouraged the people of tribal community and residents to take inspiration form his life for development in life and development of the nation.