The results of the Union Public Service Commission or the UPSC have finally been announced. A total of 685 candidates have been shortlisted for IAS, IPS, IFS, and many other branches of the civil services under the Central Government of India.

Three candidates from Assam have brought laurels to the state after clearing the UPSC examination this year. The three candidates from Assam are Shilpa Khanikar, Ayushi Kalwar and Devajyoti Burman. Shilpa Khanikar ranked 506th in the UPSC exams, while Ayushi and Devajyoti ranked 618 and 639, respectively. Meanwhile, two candidates from the state of Nagaland have also cleared the examination. Viku L Achumi secured 567 and Imsennaro Walling secured 587 ranks. MS Tenzin Chonzon Secured 584 ranks, Who belongs to Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Other hands Wairokpam Punshiba Singh and Makakmayum Hosni Mubarak from Manipur have also cleared the UPSC with 238, and 575 ranks, respectively.

Aspirants of Northeast feel that there is something lacking in the preparation for Civil Services Exam from Northeast! When it comes to preparing students for IIT-JEE, tutorial homes can be seen everywhere in the city. But when it comes to civil services, Northeast cuts a sorry figure. Even if there are students eager to pursue this prestigious stream, they would not know where to go or whom to turn to. No wonder most of them falter after the mains and there are so few cracking the exam from this region. Government should play an important role, but they are busy creating beneficiaries. On the other hand, the Ajmal Foundation and other Islamic institutions are busy creating their products for administration power.

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