Now, The Kaziranga National Park authorities have fixed a maximum speed limit of 40 km per hour for vehicles in the sanctuary with an objective to avoid wildlife deaths due to accidents and allow free movement of animals. Six sensor-based cameras have been installed in nine designated animal corridors of the park, stretching from Rengali to Borjuri, in Assam to detect the speed of vehicles. The cameras are equipped with automatic number plate recognizer with radar for speed determination. The cameras have been installed along the National Highway 37 that passes along the southern boundaries of the Kaziranga National Park, the home of the famous one-horned rhinos .

Speeding vehicles on the highway have claimed the lives of several animals, particularly when the park is flooded and the animals cross the the road to reach the highlands. As per orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), owners of vehicles plying above 40-km per hour speed limit will be fined. Each vehicle that is booked, especially for overspeeding and killing or harming animals, will be punished an environmental compensation of Rs 5,000 per occurrence, in addition to the penalties for a violation under the Motor Vehicles Act.

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