26/11 Attacks: Mumbai Remains As Vulnerable Today !

Thirteen years back, on 26 November 2008, as Mumbai came under attack from 10 terrorists, a shocked nation watched its bravehearts step up and fight valiantly to save hundreds of innocent lives, sacrificing their own. Although there was a mood for military retaliation against Pakistan after the Mumbai massacre of innocents, this changed eight month later when PM Manmohan Singh met his Pakistani counterpart Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani at Shram El Sheikh on July 16, 2009, and decided to chart a way forward for bilateral relations. Each year we count, now it’s 13 years later, and the dark night that stretched over three long days is still vivid in our collective memory.This was a choreographed sequence of strikes, using hand-held weapons, by 10 terrorists who had come in by the sea. Thirteen years later, the question is, how do we pay the real tribute to the 166 people who died in the 26/11 attacks, in Mumbai, the one they truly deserve? How do we move out of the shadows of that paralysing moment? Are we, who survived in Mumbai and in India, free to tell new stories? Mumbai remains as vulnerable today as it was on those awful days 13 years ago!

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