Bangladesh : Hindu population reduced by 75 lakhs in 50 years

The population of Hindus in Bangladesh has gone down by 75 lakhs in the past 50 years since the country won independence from Pakistan, while the total population of Bangladesh has more than doubled.The revelation of 75 lakh missing Hindus from the country’s demography triggered a heated debate in Bangladesh’s parliament with a parliamentarian from the opposition, Rumeen Farhana criticizing the Sheikh Hasina led Awami League regime for not being able to save the Hindu demography despite its claims of secularism. The latest census done in the country was in 2011, showing that only 8.5 percent of the Hindu population resides in Bangladesh.Like many attacks on Hindus of Bangladesh in the past, Till Now pogrom was also triggered by rumours of alleged disrespect to the Quran by Hindus.Many religious attacks on Bangladeshi minorities are actually done on the guise of an attempt to steal land belonging to Hindus. The story warns that “Hindus are solely, but irreversibly, moving towards extinction in Bangladesh.

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