Danger on the border! China sends robot

No one can guarantee when the Sino-India border issue will be resolved. But it is clear that India's relations with China are not good. China is more advanced than India in terms of economic, it technology. No one can say that. Now again China has sent weaponised bonds to the borders of the two countries. National media reported that China has deployed the goods at the soldiers' place in Ladakh on the Indo-China border. Machine guns on the boards. Those aware of India's external relations and the Indo-China border dispute may be aware that the hilly and difficult areas of Tibet have already stood as a problem for Chinese soldiers.

Chinese soldiers are facing a lot of trouble in visiting these mountain areas because they are too cold and tall. Which is in a way good news for India. But now these boats are being transported to places where Chinese soldiers could not go due to cold or height. The People's Liberation Army is briefly shifting soldiers and weapons by the PLA in large numbers of unmanned vehicles. And most of these vehicles have been shifted to areas near Ladakh. The PLA has taken 88 sherp claw unmanned vehicles to Tibet and 38 of these are parts where Chinese and Indian troops are facing each other. These can also be controlled with a sherp claw wireless method.

Built by Chinese arms manufacturing company Narinco (NORINCO), these sherp call vehicles are used for patrolling, arms supply and carrying goods to very inaccessible locations. A variety of weapons can also be connected to these vehicles. These vehicles can also easily reach places where Chinese soldiers face a lot of difficulties in getting to and are able to carry up to 200 kg of bombs, goods, etc. Chinese soldiers who have already shown India red eyes now seem to be stronger by these unmanned weapons combined vehicles.

According to national media reports, China has sent 88 sherp claw goods to Tibet. China has also sent 120 roots - 200 bahno to the border area. It is accompanied by a link vehicle. Around 150 Linkus vehicles have been taken to border areas by Chinese soldiers. Vehicles which can ply on very bad roads as well. These vehicles can also be connected with heavy machine gum, motor, missile lancer etc.China is probably ready to attack India. Otherwise there can be no other reason to send so many weapons connected boats. For which the Indian Army should also be ready. China, which is advanced in terms of IT, is also a real concern to send hundreds of unmanned vehicles to the Indo-China border area.

But there is another news in that too. This dream is not very easy for Chinese President Xi Jinping who dreams of taking over Indian soil. China's People's Liberation Army has deployed around 50 thousands of soldiers to lac in eastern Ladakh. But due to very cold and low levels of oxygen, it seems unlikely that Chinese soldiers will stay in this harsh situation for a long time. Chinese army personnel have suffered from various diseases in this harsh environment. Chinese commander Zhang Judong has already lost his life after recovering. He could only stay in the harsh conditions of Ladakh for only 6 months. And then he died.

Meanwhile, incidents of China building bridges in Lake Pengang in Ladakh have come to light. Intelligence expert Damien Simon via satellite image that China will complete the bridge connecting both sides of the lake in a very short time. China has taken up the construction of bridges in the part of Pengang Lake in eastern Ladakh which is occupied by China. According to experts, China has built the bridge to carry heavy weapons and the army's rapid flow. On December 31, 2021, China reacted to the naming of 15 places in Arunachal Pradesh. Beijing claims that the southern part of Tibet is an inherent part of China. That is, this area was already from China. Meanwhile, India dismissed the issue of China renaming these places in Arunachal Pradesh. The central government stressed that Arunachal Pradesh was and will be an integral part of India. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said- "We have received a report in this regard. This is not the first time that this has happened. China had earlier also tried to rename various places in Arunachal Pradesh. This is how China tried to rename some places in Arunachal Pradesh in India in April 2017. Arunachal Pradesh is forever a common part of India.

It may be recalled that in June 2020, Chinese forces had betrayed 20 Soldiers of the Indian Army in Galwan, Ladakh. And now deployed such boards to Ladakh which are really a cause for concern. Since such betrayal of India has been done, china cannot be trusted in any way. So the Indian Army also needs to be ready for any situation. Because the border is likely to be in danger in the times to come. As China has deployed the Robot.

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