Dead of General: Tears of True Indians Vs. Derogatory post of Islamic Fundamentalist

“Jaldi milte hain” were the last words spoken by Chief of Defence Staff Gen. It is so painful for every Indian! We all know that Rawat’s tenure as Army chief coincided with India’s political leadership adopting a more muscular policy against Pakistan. The stand-off with China at Doklam on the LAC also took place under his watch. At the time he was among the first to speak openly about the possibility of India facing a “two-front war”. He courted controversy both as Army chief and as CDS when he waded into matters outside the remit of his office. His remarks against the protests over the citizenship law amendments, comparison of migration into Assam as an act of Bangladesh seeking lebensraum, his approval of lynching as an acceptable way of dealing with terrorists in J&K, description of the Air Force as a “support arm” of the Army were regrettable. Gen. Rawat, who took over as the country’s first CDS on 1 January 2020, was a man on a mission — to bring in theatre command and jointness among the three Services, and modernise them. While one may critique him for the way and speed at which he went ahead with his reform ideas, one cannot deny he did what he thought was the best for the forces.He is credited with reducing insurgency on India's northeastern frontier and supervised a cross-border counter-insurgency operation into neighbouring Myanmar. Rawat was considered close to the Modi government and turned heads last month when he reportedly made an approving reference to “lynching terrorists” in occupied Kashmir.The Mi-17 V5 helicopter accident in which India lost its first Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other personnel is a tragedy that would count among the worst to befall the armed forces of any nation; one doesn’t lose one’s top military official this way.

But , Some Muslims of India have time and again showed their hatred for Bharat and the Bharat’s Heroes and after dead of CDS Chief Indian muslims are in the same mood. Indian Muslims are showing their true colours after the news of crashing of Military Cooper consisting of CDS Bipin Rawat came out.Several Islamists were notably laughing and rejoicing at the crash.On social medias, muslims are celebrating and mocking the crashing of Military Cooper consisting of CDS Bipin Rawat came out and are praying for the death of Bipin Rawat. It is very common that Islamists are known for derogatory and insensitive reactions to such accidents and the death of Army Officers .

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