Human Solidarity in India and Our Responsibilities

India has always given the world the message of peace, unity, and brotherhood. India is known to the world as "Land of Diversity" as well as "Epitome of the world". Being a large country with a huge population, India presents endless varieties of physical features and cultural patterns. It is the land of many languages. It is only in India people profess all the major religions of the world. The vast population is composed of people having diverse creeds, customs, and colors. India has been an excellent example of providing this concept for many years. More than 1,000,650 languages are spoken in India. People from different religious backgrounds and cultures live here. They follow the different religions of their choice because India is a secular country. Related to different cultures, languages, and religions, the people here respect one another and live in a spirit of love and brotherhood. India, a 5000-year-old civilization is a country of diversity, be it religion, race, caste, culture or language, there is so much diversity in the country. There are about 29 regions and each country has its own culture and language. Every year more than 30 new festivals are celebrated for the various communities in the country. Despite such differences, the Indian people display a genuine sense of unity among themselves that reflect the concept of unity in diversity of India is considered to be unique in a world that threatens global society. This is because of the ancient Indian culture that taught the people and the same bond of nationality. Unity in diversity is a positive aspect of our nation because people of different religions have had a human band for many years. If we are not united, we will surely fall which means “united we stand and we are divided we fall”. The constitution of India gives all citizens the right and freedom to live their lives with dignity and respect without interference.

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated every year on December 20. The day celebrates unity in diversity throughout the world and serves as a reminder to governments to respect their commitment to international agreements and raise public awareness. International Human Solidarity Day also reiterates the importance of solidarity in removing poverty.The principle of solidarity is a socio-ethical and political concept which states that it is fair and just that benefits and obligations are shared between members of society. Human beings have moved from place to place across the millennia, by choice and under duress, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Only by upholding our duty to protect that fleeing persecution and violence, and by embracing the opportunities that refugees and migrants offer to their new societies, will we be able to achieve a more prosperous and fairer future for all.

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