Modi's photo to be removed from covid vaccine certificate

Covid's certificate and Cowin app will not have prime minister Narendra Modi's photo. For a long time, opposition political parties as well as some people have been opposing the prime minister's photo covid vaccine being attached to the certificate. Cowin on the other hand had also been opposing the use of prime minister's photos on the app.Everyone demanded that Modi's photo be kept away from the certificate. Everyone in this case argued that the covid vaccine was said to be free but it was not actually free. The government collected taxes at exorbitant rates from the public and used the money for providing covid vaccines.

However, while the government did not give a clear opinion on the matter, many top BJP leaders openly explained the reason for the price rise in all commodities including fuel, food and goods. The hearing was even held in the court in the context of the prime minister's photo being used on a covid vaccine adoption certificate. The court had categorically stated that there should be no objection to the use of prime minister's photo.

Meanwhile recently came a directive to remove PM Modi's photo certificate and cowin app. The direction has been given by the Election Commission of the country. This direction has been issued for state elections. Assembly elections will be held in 5 states of the country uttar pradesh, uttarakhand, punjab, goa and manipur respectively from February.

Accordingly election notification has been issued. So during this period the states have been asked to remove the Prime Minister's photo from the Cowin app as well as the Covid Vaccine certificate.

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