World Toilet Day: Sustainable sanitation and Water management

Each year, World Toilet Day on 19 November highlights the importance of sanitation and hygiene in driving improvements in public health, gender equality, education, economic development and environmental protection. This year’s theme is ‘Valuing Toilets’.Access to clean water and safe sanitation is important for a healthier nation and this would become the most critical human rights component in the country’s development in future. Over half of the global population or 4.2 billion people lack safe sanitation, moreover, 40 per cent – or three billion people in the world –live without basic handwashing facilities like soap and water . Around 297,000 children under five – more than 800 every day – die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor hygiene and sanitation or unsafe drinking water. At a time of COVID-19, when the world is fighting the worst pandemic not witnessed in hundred years, the need for good hygiene and sanitation practices is more important than ever. Experts say that sustainable sanitation systems, combined with the facilities and knowledge to practise good hygiene, are a strong defence against COVID-19 and future disease outbreaks.

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