Why Sonu Sood is Known as the “Messiah of Poor”

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has continued to be a messiah for a 4-year-old girl Chahumukhi who was born with four additional hands and legs in her body. Her parents are daily wage workers who had gone to the SDO office to seek help for their daughter’s surgery. After they didn’t get any help from there, an onlooker uploaded a video of Chahumukhi. The video was noticed by Sonu Sood, so he quickly sent his team to Nawada to contact Chahumukhi’s parents. With his initiative, Chahumukhi was taken to a private hospital in Surat for the surgery.

On Thursday night, Sonu Sood took to his official Instagram account and shared that a girl named Chahumukhi was born with four additional hands and legs in her body. While her parents had no money to get her surgery done, the actor helped them. He funded the entire treatment and shared that her surgery has been done successfully now. Sharing pictures of the girl from the hospital bed, Sonu Sood wrote, “Mera aur Chaumukhi Kumari ka safar kamyaab raha. Chaumukhi was born with four legs and four hands in a small village in Bihar. Now she’s ready to go back to her home after a successful surgery.”

Earlier, Sood decided to help stranded migrants reach their homes by arranging free transportation on “a fleet of private buses” while providing both food and water for the journey. Sood’s transportation efforts “helped more than 15,000 migrant workers” return to their homes. Additionally, he provided food resources and temporary housing “to more than 45,000 other people” struggling during the lockdown. Besides his work with migrant workers, Sood has also helped people in critical condition due to COVID-19 infections. He arranged airlifts for multiple people whose local hospitals do not have the infrastructure to treat severe cases and complications. He also supplied oxygen cylinders to hospitals in need.

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