We have usually had our morning cup of tea at various popular tea stalls and cafes but we have probably not witnessed or tasted something like that’s mentioned below. There is a unique stall in Gujarat’s Vadodara which sells tea not in plastic or clay cups but instead sells tea in edible chocolate-flavoured cups. This comes with various benefits like when we are done drinking our tea, there’s no worry about disposing of the cups, we can actually eat them. It sounds rather Interesting.

The tea stall in Vadodara is named Clan Tea House, selling tea in edible cups which are chocolate-flavoured, gaining attraction which inturn works positively for their business. This is really quite interesting and also at the moment gaining a considerable amount of popularity. The tea served in edible cups diminishes the need of biscuits to go with the tea because the cups solve the purpose.

This unique and interesting concept was initiated by four friends who grew up in an orphanage. Luvkush, since his childhood, was very keen at contributing to the environment in his own way and he and his friends have finally found a great way to do it while earning money at the same time.

Luvkush, the stall owner said, “As soon as plastic was banned, we thought that we could try something new. Along with plastic, paper cups are also harmful because they are made after cutting down trees. We cut the trees, which means it is harmful. So, we thought that we should do something so that we can eat the cups.”

He emerged with the idea when he saw it on the Internet and started ordering the food cups.

“After research, I found a tea stall in Delhi. We then found edible cups on Google and started ordering them. Those who tried it are bringing more people and they are also enjoying the tea,” he further stated.

The cups are made of wheat flour. It is expected that, this initiative of small business would be successful in the future.

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