The registration of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force had already started under the Agniveer scheme. The Indian Army too will start their registration from 1st July. This is a golden opportunity for the youth to join the Indian Military Troops. Sadly, the youth of Assam are not seen to be that aware of the opportunity. No doubt, the rainfall and flood situation in both Assam and Northeast had brought a difficult phrase for everyone. May be due to lack of worthy information or natural disaster, the youth of Assam and Northeast are seen lagging behind and not seen that interested towards the Agniveer scheme.
On the other hand, some of the ‘maulana’ after the Friday jumma urge the Muslim youth to join the Indian Military Troops through the Agniveer scheme. But why the Muslim ‘maulanas’ are so Interested?

In the four years of the Agniveer scheme the youth will be given high profile training and weapon skills too. If today in every village of Assam the educated society tried to spread awareness among the youths, no doubt youths would show interest towards the scheme. During the period of summer vacation, the teachers can organise rural awareness camps for the youths. Already some of the non-political organisations have started to work on it. But to reach every village an awareness camp is necessary. If our little bits of hard work and awareness can give an opportunity to the youths to serve mother India then it will be a moment of pride for us.

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