Bishnu Prasad Rabha, was an entity that proved him as eminent for his own work. He did not take anyone’s approval or ideal to prove himself as an eminent. He always shaped himself according to the existing situation. He always takes the situation as an opportunity and walks on it and builds his  personality. 

Bishnu Prasad Rabha was eminent,as he gifted an everlasting ‘Arts’ to Assam. His mantra to success was that he never cried at any situation rather he faced it. He spent  day and night to outshine the art and culture of Assam and always tried to take forward the oppressed people. He realised that the foundation of a glorious cultural monument of Assam was those cultural tools of different ethnic groups that have been living for ages. However, it is unfortunate that all the leftists seem to be on their way to Bishnu Prasad Rabha. The people who tried to called him a Leftist should know that Rabha had always tried to unite all the people of Assam including Nagas, Manipuris, Khasis and many more through Sankari philosophy and revival of Assam and that makes him an eminent personality of Assam. Those Leftist who even planned to call Sankardeva as a leftists were also had a planned conspiracy against the Assamese people. In the case of Sankardeva they failed, but for years they have been trying hard to shape Bishnu Prasad Rabha as a leftist. They knew well that he had sacrificed everything for the sake of the people of Assam. However, was the idea of ​​this sacrifice sometimes reflected in Marx’s ideas? In a word, we can say that Bishnu Prasad Rabha had just tried to follow the footsteps of Sankardeva and fulfilled his leftover works. It is important to note that after Sankaradeva, In the eyes of Rabha Deva, Lord Krishna was present as Lord. 

In that sense, it is not at all acceptable to compare BishnuPrasad Rabha with Marxist ideology. If Bishnu Prasad Rabha was in favour of the leftists, why we don’t find anything written in the praise of Marx. This proves that Bishnu Prasad Rabha was just tried to be proved as a leftist. One does not become a leftist just by talking about every section of the society. If so then, will all the Indian sages and saints be leftist? To think and feel for everyone is a traditional civilization. Bishnu Prasad Rabha in the real sense wants to take forward the traditional civilizations based on the ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

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