Recently,Uttar Pradesh Police recorded an FIR against an auto driver named Rahmat Hasan who forcefully converted a poor woman and her two-year-old child in Ghaziabad . Hasan claimed himself to be a Hindu and deceivingly married the woman and converted her to Islam. In addition to that he also circumcised the two-year-old boy and forcefully converted him to Islam.

The incident took place 10 months ago when accused Rehmat Hasan claimed himself as Guddu to lure the woman and her child under the excuse of supporting. In the FIR filed, the woman who belonged to Nandagram stated that she had married a man in 2018. She also informed that her marriage ended three years ago when her husband left her pregnant. The woman then lived in her mother’s house and gave birth to a baby boy.

Due to certain rifts between her and her mother and sister, the woman and the child had to leave the house following which they kept on searching for shelter and money. The woman started begging for help and money. One such day, at the Mohan Nagar Chowk in Nandagram, Gaziabad, the said auto driver Rehman Hasan pretended to help. He lied about his identity and portrayed himself as Guddu and got close to the woman.

Later, Hasan under the excuse of supporting and helping, took the woman and her child and made them stay at his sister’s place, as according to the complaint. He then took them to Puranpur, it was then when the woman came to know about his real identity. The woman stated in the complaint she filed that as soon as she came to know about his religious identity, Hasan forced her to marry him and convert to Islam.

The woman narrated that she had refused to do so following which Hasan abducted her two-year-old son and held the child hostage to blackmail the woman. After which he circumcised the two-year-old boy and forced the woman to marry him and convert to Islam. As a result of which she had to marry the man.

A few days later, the woman started living on rent in Nandgram along with her son. Then Hasan again entered her residence in Nandagram and once again tried to abduct the two-year-old boy. He forcefully took the woman and the child to Loni and then abused, and assaulted them. The woman then somehow managed to leave Hasan and returned to Nandagram where she stayed alone with her child.

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