A formal case has been registered in Madhya Pradesh against activist Medha Patkar, who gained fame after the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Medha Patkar including have been accused of misusing funds in the name of educating tribal children. In Madhya Pradesh, a FIR has been lodged in against Medha Patkar and 11 others in this regard.

Pritam Raj booked a fir against accused Patkar of misusing more than Rs 13 crore on the plea of funding educational opportunities for tribal children. The complaint alleged that Patkar had misappropriated funds as she did not have hold for all of the donations collected for the education purpose of the tribal poor between 2007 and 2022.

The FIR was lodged against Medha Patkar and many others like Parveen Romu Jahangir, Vijaya Chauhan, Kailash Awasya, Mohan Patidar, Ashish Mandloi, Sanjay Joshi.

Enforcement Directorate (ED) had filed an FIR against activist Medha Patkar on 5 April this year for suspected money laundering during the “Narmada Bachao Andolan.” According to a Pioneer report, Patkar’s NGO received a donation of roughly Rs 1.2 crores in a year of its foundation in 2004 but managed to misguide authorities for almost 17 years.

The investigation raised a number of doubts regarding the payments. According to records received by the Pioneer, the NGO received the funds on June 18, 2005, from 20 different sources in a day. Remarkably, the amount of from all the  20 donations was the same, amount of Rs 5,96,294.

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