After some days of murdering a Hindu tailor named Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, an information came into light that the two murderers had plotted a smart plan to join the Rajasthan unit of the BJP for the past 3 years. The two killers, Riyaz Attari and Mohammad Ghaus, had made neat plans to enter the saffron party, even before they committed the murder.

According to reports, Riyaz was successful in attending events organised by the BJP. Irshad Chainwala, the leader of BJP Minority Morcha Rajasthan, even welcomed the murderer after he returned from Haj in 2019. According to the news organisation, Irshad has been associated with the saffron party for over a decade.

When Ishad was questioned about his images with Riyaz, Irshad said, “Yes, they are mine. I garlanded him because he had come back from Umrah. He attended many events of Gulab Ji, BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria, Somebody would accompany him in BJP events.”

In another event, Udaipur killer came to BJP events uninvited, accompanied by Tahir Bhai. The Interesting fact is, Riyaz would privately criticise the saffron party for its political ideology and yet show up uninvited to party events. Irshad also mentioned “He would come on his own. He said he wanted to work with the party.”

According to the BJP Minority Morcha leader, the Udaipur murderer was often accompanied by a party worked named Mohammad Tahir. Ishrad Chainwala mentioned “He is our worker. Tahir Bhai was close to Riyaz,” emphasised. As per report, there are several pictures of Tahir and Riyaz clicked together. The news publication informed that Riyaz could not be reached by phone and had also vacated his rented house.

Both the murderer were ploting to give crimes a safron colour. Riyaz, the murderer of Kanhaiya Lal was trying to join BJP to commit crimes and then, pin them on Hindus. It is evident that the Jihadis had criminal precursor. If we see it in Islamic extremist views, the only reason to try and penetrate would be if they wanted to join the party, commit Jihadi activity and pin it on BJP and Hindus.

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