Orissa’s Puri famous Jagannath Temple holds a prominent place of importance for devotees. The temple is of utmost importance to the Hindu devotees as it is one of the Char-Dham Pilgrimages. The Rath Yatra is an annual parade in which the deities are carried outside the temple on 2 set of chariots (3 each). This festival takes place every year on the second day of the Shukla Paksha in the months of June or July. The first chariot carries the deities till the river which separates the Jagannath Temple and the Mausi Maa temple. After that, the idols are boarded in 3 boats to cross the river. Now the second chariot comes in play. It carries the deities from the river to the Mausi Maa Temple where the ritual takes place. It is said that Rath Yatra is equal to hundred sacrifices. It is believed that if a devotee takes part in this Rath Yatra and pulls the chariot of God, then he gets god’s blessings, happiness and prosperity. It is also believed that when the Pandavas started their journey to Yamraj, Sapt Rishis advised them to visit the ‘Char Dham’ to get closer to ‘moksha’.

Jagannath Temple in Puri is also known for some mysteries that defy any scientific explanation. First, Every day a priest scrambles the walls of the temple with a height equivalent to that of a 45-storey building, to change the flag atop the temple dome. This ritual dates far back to the day the temple was built. second, The temple is reported to have no shadow at all, at any time of the day from any directions possible. Could it be an architectural marvel or Bhagaban Jagannath’s message to humanity? Third, We see birds sitting, resting and flying above our heads and rooftops all the time. But, this particular area is restricted, not even a single bird is encountered above the temple dome, even an airplane could not be seen hovering above the temple. forth, A total number of people visiting the temple varies between 2,000 to 2, 00,000 people every day. Miraculously, the Parsadam prepared every day is never wasted, not even a bite. Could this be an effective management or the Lord’s will? Fifth , The chakra is actually 20 ft high and weighs a ton. It is fitted on top of the temple. But what is interesting about this chakra is that, you can see this chakra from any corner of the Puri city. Sixth, In any part of the world, you must have witnessed that during daytime, the wind from sea comes to the land, whereas the wind from the land blows toward sea at evening. However, in Puri, the geographical laws are also reversed. Here, just the opposite thing happens.

Hindu architecture, Ancient History of Bharat and Bharatiya Culture are the fuel to the Hindu spirit. That’s what makes our culture so extraordinary! So, do not forget to check these facts on your next trip to Odisha.

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