Q. Will all the posts of army recruitment be taken by ‘Agniveers’ ?
Ans: Absolutely not, the posting of all the army remains the same and Agniveer is just a new option added. You can still join the arm force by cracking NDA and OTA and Agniveer is an option of the entrance. But, yes now there will be no direct recruitment but by Agniveer. 

Q. In this entrance will physical and other parameters be taken care of?
Ans: Yes, all the elements like physical, mental, studies will be taken care of as of earlier.

Q. What will happen after four years of service?
Ans: Those jawans who will be selected will have to undergo another test and they will be tested on the basis of their four years performances and 25% jawans will secure permanent post and the rest will be given a lump sum amount and sent back. But, they will get an option for higher studies and at the same time they will get the priority to join CAPF or in National police and also they will have an option to join any private sector or start their own business. 

Q. Is the sole reason for coming up with this policy is to save the pension amount?
Ans: No, this is not the only reason behind this policy. There are various reasons for this policy like to recruit best personalities into the service. To add Short Service Commission into other Ranks so that most people join the army and give their services to it and later get permanent posting or else look for other options too. The people have just raised questions against this policy but no one has ever thought of the amount that will be spent in these four years on their training, salaries and other amenities.

Q. After recruitment, out of four years  the jawan will get 9 months of holiday, so in that case will he be ready for a war? 
Ans: This system prevailed in the old recruitment process also. Every army officers and army get 3 months of holiday in a year and ‘Agniveers’ too will get. During the Kargil war some jawans got into the war just after their posting so have they shown less courage? 
Never raise a question on the Army’s training. Within a few months of training, it turned a simple boy into a great human and if you have doubts about it, you can just go and check the list of the people martyred in Kargil War and receive gallantry awards. There were hundreds of soldiers whose service was less than four years or just two years. Have they shown less courage?

Q. Will a four year trained soldier be able to show commitment as a regular commission soldier can show?
Ans: It’s a peculiar kind of question and it’s really sad to see such a question arise by the soldiers itself.
So a soldier posted on the border will run away if there will be a firing from Pakistan or China? Or will the finger not reach the trigger? Or he will not be able to aim at the enemy, just because he is trained for four years? Or he would neither fire on the terrorist, nor go to a mission? 
Similar kinds of questions arise for both Short Service Commission and Territorial Army but they have shown answers to this on time to time that they are not less than the regular commission. By raising these kinds of questions, you are not insulting the policy but you are making fun of the training and learning of the soldiers.

Q. After four years of training, those boys who will come will either become Naxal or Gangster.
Ans: Actually people who raise this kind of questions should get a slap rather than any response but yet let’s give them the answer. Why do you think these soldiers will become Naxel or Gangster? Will they be unjustified? Or the government is not recruiting them without reason that they will take revenge against the government. It will be clearly mentioned from the first day that 75% will have to go back and if you don’t perform well then you will not be recruited. Most importantly till now how many soldiers have become Naxal or Gangster? Is there any data to prove that, if yes then please share it with us or else change your mindset. 

Q. What do the soldiers need such a policy? 
Ans: With time we have to take new initiatives to cope up with new global situations, new equations, new kinds of challenges and this kind of policy can help us to deal with all these. We talk about 2.5 front war,but to lead in this kind of war, soldiers should be youth and stay lean and mean. They will have to remain cost effective, learn as fast as they can learn about new trained resources. To fight with the half front, there should be a layer of resources present inside the country itself and in the right time they can fight back.
At the same time, the soldiers are fighting with the pressure because of service and posting and related to these we can see many cases of attempting suicide and with the help of this policy somehow the pressure will be lessened. 
Most importantly, this policy will help the youth to relate themselves more with the army. Every year 40-45 thousand youth will join the army and within 10 years we will have 30% of our own resource pool that will be trained under the army. Nevertheless, not everyone will be recruited. That is true, even if they do business, join the police or in the CAPF but the truth will never change that they are trained and have strategic thinking that will stay with them forever. These youths will be helpful to the country. 

Q. After four years Agniveers will be left destitute by the government.
Ans: Not at all, take it as a different kind of educational course. Every year lots of students take admission in courses like Engineering, B.ed and spend around lakhs. After doing B.tech BE for four years or B.ed for two years, how many of them got jobs? What do they do then?? Agniveers will graduate, receive training, and get a chance to work in the army’s environment. At the same time, they will get knowledge on technology, strategic ideas, team management, and stress management. 
They will receive a salary for four years and a lump sum amount, 25% soldiers will be recruited and the rest will get the opportunity to join CAPF, National police, private jobs and start their own business too. Now tell me who is destitute? Youths spend lakhs for B.tech degree,yet have a job earning only 10-15 thousand Or the ‘Agniveers’??

Q. With the help of Agniveer policy will any special religion be benefitted?
Ans: The people who raise such kinds of questions can basically be termed ‘Nonsense’. In this policy you will get entrance only through your performance,not by your religion. This is not a reservation policy. If you have the guts, crack the entrance and recruit yourself in the policy. Or else ask data from those who raise such a question, they will never give that as they don’t have that.

Q. My dream to join the army is shattered. If I don’t receive pension why shall I go?
Ans: No your dream is not shattered. You work hard, get recruitment and work hard for four years and show your enthusiasm so that you get selected among the 25% Permanent soldiers. Then take pension or other benefits, has anyone stopped you from that? 
Share this information out to the youths. Only creating awareness will help to overcome the doubts among the youths.

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